Skin Rejuvenation

The ageing process takes its toll on all tissues including the skin. The problems are aggravated by sun exposure.

The skin thins with ageing and looses elasticity and often develops pigmentary changes. Additionally, fine wrinkles appear and the skin looses its glow and shine. This is where skin rejuvenation comes in-it is designed to enhance the texture and “glow ” of the skin

It is important to note that skin resurfacing does not replace surgery-but acts as an adjunct to it. You may need both a facelift (to lift the droopy tissue ) and skin resurfacing to improve the texture of the skin. (please see section on Botox and also section on Fillers )

There are a number of methods to improve the texture of the skin, to restore its glow to a soft, more youthful appearance
1, Fraxel Please see link to Fraxel. ( )This is a high tech laser treatment which has the advantage of no or minimal downtime and a quick recovery.

2. Dermabrasion. This technique has lost popularity, but may still be useful in acne scarring.

3. Chemical peel. There are a number of peels on the market and this technique also yields good results. It is associated with more downtime (about a week ) than laser treatment.

4. Other treatment methods include CIT etc.