Nose Job

The correct medical word for this operation is rhinoplasty. The nose, as a mid line organ, is a central component of the face. The nose is not only important from a cosmetic standpoint, but is an important organ for breathing.

The nose can be made smaller or bigger. The nose tip can be narrowed, as well as lifted (or lengthened ). The nostrils can be made smaller or bigger. Because the nose is central to the face, it must blend in with the rest of the face and particularly blend with the forehead and chin.

It is not a particularly painful operation but bruising and swelling are common, albeit short-lived side effects. It is also important to note that the nose stays swollen for quite a long time and the final shape is only really discernible after a year-although the changes brought about by the surgery are usually obvious after a few weeks.

The incisions (cuts ) are usually inside the nose, but sometimes a small scar if left at the base of the nostrils. It usually heals with an imperceptible scar.